Bed bugs

You may have heard reports about bedbugs infesting everything from five-star hotels to buses and homes. People now travel more than ever, and bedbugs are hitching rides on clothing and luggage. They can now be found everywhere from homeless shelters to five-star hotels to single family dwellings to public transportation. They are moved from room to room on infested objects. Anyone can get an infestation of bedbugs and this does not mean a lack of cleanliness.

Identifying bed bugs

Bed bugs feed off human blood. The most widespread variety is the common bedbug (Cimex lectularius).

Bed bugs are very small and their presence can be hard to detect. They can get into the tiniest cracks and crevasses, come out mostly at night and prefer dark, quiet places. Their bite can leave tiny blood blisters, or they might leave dark stains on bedsheets or on or around the bed itself.

Eliminating bed bugs can be a major challenge. Because it is so hard to get rid of them completely, it is recommended that you call a certified exterminator. Pest control specialists know the types pf commercial pesticides available and other trade secrets. It sometimes takes repeat applications to get rid of a bed bug problem.

If you suspect that you have bedbugs, you should call a certified exterminator, who will confirm your suspicions and ensure that extermination methods (specifically the use of insecticides) are adequate and follow recognized standards.

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Bedbugs are often carried from one place to another in suitcases, handbags and clothing. To prevent a bedbug infestation, wash all clothing carefully in hot water immediately after returning home from travelling.

When traveling, check hotel rooms carefully for bed bugs. Do not bring your own pillow from home and do not put your luggage or other belongings on the bed.

Also, be very careful when bringing such things as second-hand furniture or mattresses into your home. Make sure you check and clean everything very carefully before bringing them into the house.